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 पित्र दोष निवारण
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 शुभ रत्नों का चयन
 स्वास्थ्य समस्याएँ
 शिक्षा की समस्याएं
 व्यापार की समस्याएं
 करियर की समस्याएं
Puja Services
Puja means worship, devotion and reverence. Puja is believed to be derived from the word ‘pu-chey’, or worship. The term puja is now used to includeall forms of worship, ranging from the simple daily offerings of flowers, fruit, leaves, rice, sweetmeats and water to he deities in homes or temples,to the sacrifices in temples dedicated to Kali, Durga and other female deities.

Here you are providing the solution to performe any type puja on your behalf in india any where,any time. you can arrange any type of puja on any occassions like , birthday ,marriage anniversary etc.

Now you can performe all the religious event without living your physically apperiance. we will organise everything ,you have to just give us some informations.

Our working style is totally different suppose you are “Gujrati” Hindu or “Bengali” Hindu . We will organise “pandit” and “vidhi”
as per your religious community like (Bengali,Marwadi,Gujarati,Maharastrian)